Welcome to Rock Meadow Cellars

One evening while dining in the barn, six couples, brought together by a passion for tasting red wines and creating delicious cuisine, made the commitment to become respectable winemakers. Six years have passed since that fateful evening and we are quite pleased to be producing these hand-crafted wines.

We've hand-picked, hand-sorted, hand-pressed, and even stomped on a few clusters of flavor-filled grapes– all to the beat of a local rock station. As you open each bottle of Rock Meadow Wine feel the twelve other hands that have caressed this juice, making it the inviting and pleasurable experience that will linger with you until you open another and another and another.

We know you'll be drawn to our new label as it attracts attention while communicating our vision of Rock Meadow Winery…"enjoy sharing a bottle of Rock Meadow as it enhances any table and occasion whether casual or formal".

Rock on!

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