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Bash in the Grass II - October 2009

We’ll thank Mother Nature for another sunny fall day setting for the October “Bash in the Grass” release of our 2007 Reds and 2008 Chardonnay. Father Fall had done his darndest to douse us in torrential rain and wicked wind on October 17th. As dawn broke on the 18th all hands were on deck to create our “meadow tasting room” at the winery. Out of respect for the neighborhood, our attendance was limited, and much to our dismay we were not able to accommodate all of our faithful Friends of Rock Meadow Cellars.

On this brisk afternoon we were pleased to offer our 2008 Chardonnay. Earlier this season we’d poured the Chardonnay at the Sammamish Nights, Bravo!, and the Plateau Club – and the response was just as positive at the Bash! Our Rockin’ Red ran out the cellar door in the first 20 minutes. This signature red was produced in a limited quantity this year. In January ’09, while making our blending decisions, we found that each varietal was tasting so well on it’s own that we were hesitant to lend it to our blend. Darn!! The Rockin’ Red that resulted from what we did blend resulted in a complex, balanced, and layered bouquet and was gobbled up so quickly…we’ll rethink this decision when we blend the 2008’s this upcoming January. If you can find a bottle of 2007 R & R – snatch it up quickly!

Once again we were blessed with the help from Friends and Family who traveled from near and far to lend their assistance and enthusiasm. Take a peek at the photo gallery created by lauren a. brown. She drove up from college at Linfield in Oregon to donate her photography talents on that sunny afternoon. You’ll see the festive tasting tent, delish nosh table, savvy check-out, quick delivery of wine…and a lot of fun!

For those who were not able to join us on this fall afternoon - fret not - as we have a number of cases of the 2007 Reds and 2008 Chardonnay available for you. We appreciate your support and are happy to take your orders!

GRAPE CUP - November 2009

November 2009 – Farmworkers Housing Trust fundraiser

As the season for the Apple Cup ramps up, 24 Washington State Wineries gathered on Nov. 19 at Pickering Barn in Issaquah to support The Farmworkers Housing Trust. The "Husky" alumi squared off against the "Cougar" alumni in this spirited tasting event. An expert panel judged one submitted wine from each of the participating 24 wineries. Rock Meadow participated as Cougars (with a bit of Husky influence) and are pleased to share that the 2007 Rockin' Red placed 4th! This inaugural event was sponsored by Seattle Uncorked and we hope that they make it an annual affair. We visited with many fellow "Rockers" and we thank you for your support of this local event.

To read more about the event visit articles at: : “Get your wine on at Grape Cup Challenge” November 17, 2009

Our New Label!

Rollin’ off the press is our new label “Rocks in the Meadow” designed by Zarah DeLeon, Senior Designer at BDa, Inc. (Bensussen, Deutsch, & Associates). Under the tutelage of Creative Director, Shawn Wright, nine designers submitted their visions of the new Rock Meadow Cellars label. Zarah’s contemporary depiction of meadow rocks won our vote. Driven by the expressiveness and complexity of each Rock Meadow varietal, Zarah, Kathy and Carolyn brought their artistic panache to the color palate depicting each of the finely structured wines we produce. (Picture of Zarah and the label on the roller next to this)

Bottling Day – May 9th

May 9th...May 9th... May 9th… Bottling day had been etched on our BlackBerrys for over eight months. As the persistent rain pounded the gravel drive to the winery on Wednesday the 6th, the weary weatherman was promising sunshine on the 9th. Faith that sunshine was on the way pulled us through winter and spring and hope that the sun would appear on the 9th could not be dampened. On May 9th, Enos, the god of wine, parted the clouds and bottling began under blue skies and to the beat of Bill the Bottler’s blues review.

Bill the Bottler (Bill Hamlin, owner of Custom Bottling) and his in-demand efficient “bottling truck wonder” arrived at the Winery on Friday afternoon and the white wine varietals were filtered to perfect clarity. Saturday morning coffee, scones, strawberries, sticky buns, and artichoke quiche (remember---Rock Meadow is – and always will be – about the food) propelled us into action before the opening bell at 8am. With all hands on deck – first to assist Stomani Cellars bottling their remaining 200+cases of Pinot Gris-we finished our five different 2007 red wines and our 2008 rose and chardonnay. The sun gleamed as the clank and clatter of the bottles on the line provided soprano to the music and baritone yell----“Wine’s Out”!

By day’s end, we’d filled nearly 5,000 bottles. There was a bit of excitement (and sorrow) when a table, perched in the meadow, lost it’s footing, crashed down and took two cases of chardonnay back to mother earth. Lots of gratitude was felt for the helping hands provided by fellow friendly rockers: Lauren, Erin, Phillip, CaryLynn, Rory, Paula, and even more delicious cuisine was consumed with one hand while we rotated tasks. Later in the evening, drawn by Brad’s infamous blue-cheese burgers and Kathy’s ever-delicious potato salad (like none you’ve ever tasted) we gathered round the patio to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We all expressed our good fortune that our partnership continues to be 12 strong friends who have brought his and her talents together to make yet another fabulous vintage. This was a day of extreme appreciation for all that goes into producing each bottle of exquisite Rock Meadow Wine.

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